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NVIDIA GeForce 256 from 1999 reborn in LEGO

After the Voodoo 3D from 3dfx to rediscover right here: The Voodoo 3D graphics card 4 MB from 3dfx in LEGO.

Another icon of LEGO graphics cards, the NVIDIA Geforce 256 which rises from the ashes in briquettes. A card which dates from 1999 and which was available, at the time, in 16 and 32 MB. It carried a small active radiator of 50 mm and was a real revolution in its time.

This card was based on an NV10 A3 with 4 Pixel Shaders, 4 TMUs and 4 ROPs. Its memory was of type SDR 64 Bits and we had a speed of 143 MHz on the latter. The GPU was running at 120 MHz at the time.

We owe this creation to Bhaal_Spawn and we love it.

By Marc Dobler

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