About me

Hi! I’m Marc.

You may wonder what is going on here. And who I am.

Well, I am a programmer, a creator, a printer, and a person who does not like labels. Thus, let me tell you shortly what I am doing and why.

I loved programming since university when it became my profession, and then my job. By writing codes mainly on PHP, I became, with time, CTO of one small newspaper. French one. I’m from France, by the way.

So, programming. Not only PHP, I know some other languages ​​too.

Also, since childhood, I adore aquariums. At 15, my parents bought me one. And I “got sick” with it. I know a lot about fishes. I think I am a bit “aspie,” so, um … I’m a little out of this world, with a touch of genius, ha-ha. In short, totally in love with the underwater world, at the age of 15, I learned almost by heart a thick aquarium book. Then I had a few more aquariums. And I began to think about what if I create an automated system for maintaining the desired state of water and feeding. I am still obsessed with this idea. I am developing a prototype.

if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

Albert Einstein

In general, everything at the junction of technology, electronics, and programming is about me. Therefore, another hobby of mine is 3D printing. I set up Ender 3 one myself, and now I print everything for the home and any other needs. Do you need help with yours? Or maybe want me to print something for you?

What else?… I also love wood. Have you heard about Magic Mirror? I created and configured one for my wife. Hanging in the corridor, it pleases her every day, telling her how beautiful she is today. In dreams, I have the idea to make some wood furniture more for the house. I have already made a table for changing diapers for children (I have three kids if anyone is interested).

Oh, yes, I almost forgot! Drones! Collecting, flying, smashing. I learned a lot about them and even opened a store. Come and check it out: www.octopus-drone.com. Hurry up, because I will close it soon. Marketing, as it turned out, is not about me at all. So I sell not as much as I expected.

Here you can find a little bit about all this. So I told you what I am doing and answering the question of why. Well, I do something all the time, just because I can’t do not do. Do something for nothing. Just like this. Welcome to my world!